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Best Pizza in Tampa Bay by a Pizza Guru....ME

Ok, I am originally from New York, so naturally I feel like it is in my blood to go ahead and choose a best pizza restaurant in Tampa Bay. Still not convinced? I am also a first generation Italian, with bloodlines that flow from the coast of Naples Italy, to the city of the empire in Rome, all the way to the port city of Bari. 

Ok, enough of the dramatics. In reality, I feel that I have a deep affinity for pizza, and I am going to name three of my current favorite pizza places in greater Tampa Bay.

Eddie and Sam's Pizza
Location: Downtown Tampa

What makes it special?
Have you ever heard that New York Pizza taste better because of the water? Well Eddie and Sam's actually imports water from the Empire State, and uses it to make their pizza. What you have is pizza that not only taste as good as your traditional NYC pie, but in many ways best it.
The pizza is delicious. I will never forget the experience the first time I had it. I was walking down the street, saw a guy carrying a gargantuan sized pizza that smelled like it came from the heavens, and stopped him in his tracks, and asked where I could get my own taste of heaven. He laughed, and with pride said, Eddie and Sams. It is a must if you are going to do anything downtown from Lightning and Bucs games, to just getting a pizza for your Friday night. I must warn you though, they let their master pizza makers off on Monday to enjoy family time or something. I found this out after I had their pizza on Sunday, and went back with excitement the next day with cash in hand, only to find them closed. When I went there, there was several other people simply staring at the locked doors, realizing we had to wait until Tuesday to enjoy this deliciousness. To make a long story short, Eddie and Sams will not disappoint.

Location: Westshore Mall

Ahhh...Grimaldis. Perfection from the old country. I love pizza that uses the finest ingredients and  Grimaldi's uses San Marzano sauce coupled with their flavorful crust, in pure perfection. Though Grimaldi's is originally from New York, and now has multiple locations, the pizza is delicious. It is more akin to what you would actually get in Italy itself. (Yes I have traveled throughout Italy multiple times and have tried Pizza all over that country too). Grimaldi's pizza is second to none, and this is also attributed to how it is cooked. They heat their coal oven hot enough to get a locomotive moving, and then put premium ingredients on their pizza pies, and then cook them at ungodly temperatures to perfection. It delivers unique taste, quality, and satisfaction. Their salads are also delicious.

Chicago Jaqx Deepdish Pizza
Location: Indian Rocks Beach

Sometimes you just want a deepdish pizza to soothe your soul. If that is the case the look none another then Chicago Jaqx on Indian Rocks Beach. My wife and I went there after a busy day at work, where we just wanted to sit back, enjoy a pizza, and couple it with adult beverages. This place not only delivered, but it made me think that I hope they expand throughout the area. Their pizza is good, and we just don't have enough deep dish. Usually thin crust is my go to, but then sometimes you just have to have deep dish. Whatever your preference, Chicago Jaqx is worth the trip. Hey after you enjoy their pizza you can head out to the beach to watch the sunset. Does it get any better?

8th Avenue Pub
Location: Safety Harbor:

Oh how I love this place. Tucked in Safety Harbor, which just happens to be one of my favorite cities in Tampa Bay. Perhaps it is the art, the shops, or just the small town feel, I love this place. This is where 8th Avenue Pub is. I have long gone back and forth between which makes the better pie, wood or coal. I still have not discovered the answer to this age old question...though I prolly would say Coal...then 8th Ave Pub comes along and just puts me in a quandary all over again. They bake their pizza pies in a wood oven which operates at a different temperate than coal, and delivers a different taste. You couple that with their premium ingredients they put in their pizza, and OMG you are about to have sensory overload. Not only that but their pizza is sold in a Pub. Meaning you have a great selection of beers to go with your pies, and then they have music. Man oh man. Safety Harbor has a great event called Third Friday. They close down Main Street and have some festivities. I recommend going, and when you are done, visiting 8th Ave Pub. You wont be disappointed, and if you need the address...ITS IN THE NAME! :)

Celebrities that live in Tampa Bay

Having worked with countless celebrities, olympians, executives, sports stars, in my career. I felt that this would be a fun list create. Enjoy

These are some celebrities who call Tampa Bay home and live in greater Tampa.


Tom Cruise

Dave Bautista

Kirstie Alley

John Travolta

Channing Tatum

Aasif Mandvi

Nathan Purdee

Shawn Pyfrom

J.R. Ramirez

Tyler Riggs

Adrian R' Mante

Patrick Wilson


Nick Carter - Backstreet Boys
Brian Johnson - AC/DC
Robin Zander - Cheaptrick

Sports Stars

Derek Jeter -MLB

Vinny Testaverde - NFL

Jameis Winston - NFL

Vinny Lecavalier - NHL

Keith Thurman - Championship Boxer

Jeff Lacey - Championship Boxer

Winky Wright - Championship Boxer

Jennifer Capriati - Tennis Superstar

Monica Seles - Tennis Superstar

Wrestling Superstars

John Cena

Hulk Hogan

Chris Jericho

Butch Miller of the Tag Team Bushwhackers


Stephen King

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